Binance Under the Spotlight

Binance Under the Spotlight

When the bear market bites the knives come out and it’s been telling how much savage critique we’ve witnessed right across the board. From VC’s being flogged for selling assets at the bottom to influencers being outed for all the wrongdoings they may or may not have talked about on Telegram. Nate Chastain arrested and charged with wire fraud and money laundering and nobody believes this will be the end of it. But Binance took the biggest hit last week as news broke of an investigation into whether the BNB token broke securities rules when it launched via ICO back in 2017. And this on top of a Reuters expose, another SEC probe over trading affiliates and another investigation by the CFTC into whether US residents circumvented restrictions to trade on the platform. It’s been a rough time for Binance despite being incredibly excited about their partnership with Canadian high-voiced platinum music smith the Weeknd. But they came back swinging with a defiant blog post responding to the Reuters report.