Axie Infinity Digital Land Sold for Record $1.5M

The Tamagotchi x Pokemon web3 crossover Axie Infinity has broken the record for the largest NFT sale yesterday afternoon as a community member purchased a digital plot of land for 888.25 ETH, worth over $1.5M at the time of writing.

The sale comes alongside the launch of Axie Infinity’s custom sidechain, Ronin, which launched last week.

“We’re witnessing a historic moment; the rise of digital nations with their own system of clearly delineated, irrevocable property rights,” stated the purchaser Flying Falcon. “Axie land has entertainment value, social value, and economic value in the form of future resource flows. As Genesis land plots are the rarest and best positioned plots in Axie Infinity, they were a natural fit for my thesis.”

Axie Infinity will soon debut ‘Project K’, an interactive new play system where users can explore, decorate, battle and harvest resources on their virtual land.

The sale supports a growing movement around metaverse worlds like The Sandbox, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, all of which are seeing vibrant digital real-estate economies emerge for their web3 native communities.