AirSwap Enables Token-Based Governance

Ethereum applications incubator ConsenSys has completed the transition to Phase II of their decentralized peer-to-peer trading system, AirSwap, enabling token-based governance.

AirSwap said their token launch participants included over 9k people from 135 different countries. Now with Phase II completed, they’re aiming to push their network development further.

AirSwap is now inviting users to stake their AirSwap tokens on Codefi Active to participate in proposal governance.

AirSwap has outlined a formalized proposal process to identify, specify, and implement new projects.This includes built-in incentives for proposal authors (who earn AirSwap tokens when their proposals are accepted by the community), voters (who earn reward points for participating) , and developers (who can receive compensation from the AirSwap token treasury for taking on projects accepted by the community).

[UPDATED to reflect AirSwap is not part of ConsenSys’ Activate platform, and does not require KYC]