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Aavegotchi NFT Drop Sells Out in Under One Minute

Aavegotchi, a DeFi game revolving around digital “fren” avatars similar to Tamagotchi, sold out of their first drop of 10,000 NFTs in under one minute. Including additional sales of “wearable” and “consumable” NFTs that players can use on their Aavegotchi, collectors bought $5.5M worth of tokens.

The Aavegtochi NFTs came in the form of “Portals,” which could be opened to “summon” a group of 10 ghost-like Aavagotchi characters, each randomly generated with a series of different traits of varying rarities. Players then select one of the summoned characters to keep, and the other nine disappear.


25,000 unique visitors logged in for the drop event hosted on Ethereum layer 2 Polygon. Only 1,750 unique wallets currently hold Aavegotchis, so many walked away empty-handed. The Aavegotchi team has confirmed that there were no infrastructure crashes and that the available Aavegotchi Portals were relatively well-distributed.

In order to further meet demand, the Aavegotchi governing DAO is discussing a second Portal drop in the near future.

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