moon house

$100k NFT Offers Blueprint for Hypothetical Moon House

Have you ever wanted to go to the moon and reach those crypto prices with your own hands? Well strap into your spaceship, because millionaire, serial IT entrepreneur Roman Kropachek has an NFT for you.

Moon house concept by Roman Kropachek” is more than just an NFT; it’s an experimental art and architecture project. Billed as a “viable plan of the house, with its interior and exterior design, room layout, materials to be used and so much more,” the NFT is a blueprint of a hypothetical house on the moon.

Representing over 1,500 total hours of work, the NFT can be purchased for the reserve price of $100k, according to an emailed press release. 

Miami Yacht

On top of gaining access to the original digital files assuring you a viable plan to build a hypothetical moon house, the buyer will also get to enjoy a day trip on Kropachek’s yacht in Miami. 

Considering the current state of the world, it’s hard to imagine a better plan for the future than enjoying a nice yacht ride with Kropachek before you lift off into space to go live in your newly built moon house.

Kropachek was too busy to speak to The Defiant directly, but we managed to reach him through his assistant.

“This is just a concept,” Kropachek said to The Defiant. “Although some modules have been thoroughly thought through, like oxygen leakage and the use of decompression modules for this purpose, we would still not know what materials could actually be used for construction. It will require millions of dollars in costs, many more hours of engineers and scientists invested, to have the actual construction plan approved and to develop a concept in the smallest detail.”

Man, Myth, Legend

In the already wild world of NFTs, Kropachek sits comfortably among some of the most eccentric creators in the space. 

After co-founding the data recovery software site, Kropachek turned his attention towards disrupting the NFT art world. 

His first piece, “22 seconds of ‘silence’ in Rolls Royce Wraith by Roman Kropachek,” dared to pose the question of whether or not anyone would bid $1,500 on an NFT audio recording of a man in a car.

“Hey Guys, a few days ago i decided to do something crazy, i mean really crazy,” wrote Kropachek in the OpenSea description. “I rented Royal Royce Wraith in Miami, took my Galaxy 10+ and recorded 22 seconds of silence inside the cabin…But, anyway, i’m the first tech millionaire guy who did this.”

The art world, though, appears to still be sitting on their laurels, as nobody has bid to date.

Kropachek described the piece as a personal joke and an experiment, and thinks it may have sold if more people knew about it. 

“I didn’t outreach media that [sic] time, so there were no responses to the listing,” he said. “It is quite possible though that it would have sold if I pushed the news a bit harder.”

The media’s failure to properly cover “22 seconds of ‘silence’ in Rolls Royce Wraith by Roman Kropachek” will likely haunt high-end art collectors for years to come. Thankfully, “Moon house concept by Roman Kropachek” is a chance for redemption, starting with The Defiant.

Don’t Stop on the Moon

Kropachek’s NFT plans don’t stop on the moon. Rather, Kropachek is here to hold a mirror up to the world at large, with plans to announce another NFT project in the near future.

“I try different approaches to see how they perform,” said Kropachek. “So far, the entire NFT looks like a big game. That is, NFT art is bought and sold from individuals by known people to them, and not by random collectors.”

If NFTs are a game, Kropachek is definitely playing. His most recent NFT, titled “Critical global issues,” portrays religious strife, the coronavirus, anti-racist protesters, and a person whose face is half male and half female. It’s unclear what exactly the artwork is saying about these topics, but luckily the caption clears things up a bit.

“No comments here. You will understand it,” reads the caption