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🤔 Winklevoss Offers MakerDAO Deal But Christensen May Be Underwhelmed

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🎙Listen to the exclusive interview with ConsenSys’ Ben Edgington:


🎙 Ethereum can surpass Visa’s transaction speed within months

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DeFi Deals

🤔 Winklevoss Offers MakerDAO Deal But Christensen May Be Underwhelmed

Gemini’s Offer to Deposit Stablecoin with Maker is Latest Tempting CeFi

By Samuel Haig

MakerDAO, the leading DeFi protocol, is increasingly being tempted by tantalizing offers from major centralized players.

In its latest potential tie-up, the leading DeFi protocol is entertaining an offer from Gemini, the crypto exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins.


PoS Blockchains

🔓 Vasil Upgrade Could Finally Unlock DeFi on Cardano

$200M Fund Planned To Spur Development

By Aleksandar Gilbert

CUSP Cardano, the world’s fifth-largest blockchain by market capitalization, might be on the cusp of a DeFi revolution — if anyone still wants to build on it, that is.


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Learn more about the businesses and apps being built on USDC at Circle’s USDC Ecosystem Hub.

DeFi 2.0

👀 Olympus Slashes OHM Inflation In Bid For Sustainability

Reward Rate Will Drop To 7%

By Aleksandar Gilbert

ROUGH YEAR Once the poster child of the “DeFi 2.0” movement, Olympus DAO has had a rough year. Taking another step toward its “bond-centric future,” Olympus, a DeFi protocol with more than $200M in total value locked, will slash the sky-high yield that holders of its native token have enjoyed for the past year and a half.


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🎙 Ethereum can surpass Visa’s transaction speed within months

🎙 Reviewing Ethereum 2.0 a week after The Merge


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DeFi Explainers

🧐 What Is 1inch?

A Step-by-Step Guide to the DEX Aggregator

By Rahul Nambiampurath

EXCHANGE RATE How do you pick the best exchange rate for cryptocurrencies? On centralized exchanges (CEXs), the difference is often minimal because CEXes tend to have deep liquidity. But on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), which rely on network participants and fees, the exchange rate is meaningful.



🔗 Binance Starts Ethereum Proof-of-Work Mining Pool, Initially With No Fee

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance said customers can now join a mining pool for ETHW, the forked version of Ethereum that retains the blockchain’s original proof-of-work (PoW) underpinnings.

🔗 BlackRock’s newest ETF invests in 35 blockchain-related companies: CoinTelegraph

“We believe digital assets and blockchain technologies are going to become increasingly relevant for our clients,” said BlackRock ETF product strategist Omar Moufti.

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