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🚀 zkSync to Launch ‘Baby Alpha’ V2 as Skeptics Decry Marketing Hype

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Ethereum Scaling

🚀 zkSync to Launch ‘Baby Alpha’ V2 as Skeptics Decry Marketing Hype

Matter Labs Says Network is First ‘Product Ready’ Rollup with ZK-powered EVM

By Samuel Haig

QUESTIONS Matter Labs is poised deployed zkSync 2.0 to the mainnet on Friday but skeptics questioned whether the iteration was ready for prime time. For weeks, Matter Labs has been promoting the Layer 2 blockchain network V2 as the first ever “product-ready” rollup with a zero-knowledge-powered Ethereum Virtual Machine. But not everyone is convinced by zkSync 2.0’s claim to have launched the first ever production-ready ZK-EVM rollups. 


Layer 2s

🏎 Arbitrum Co-Founder Says Ability to Process Transactions is Finite

Ethereum is Congested – What Happens When the Release Valve Gets Clogged as Well?

By Aleksandar Gilbert

UPGRADE With its Nitro upgrade in the rearview mirror, Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Arbitrum is now turning its focus to research and development in hopes of solving its own major challenges long before they appear.


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$1.5 BILLION were stolen from cross-chain bridges in 2022.

It’s obvious that the crypto industry needs to create a more secure way to make cross-chain trades.

Project TXA will allow ANY EXCHANGE to do cross-chain trading WITHOUT bridging assets while still having decentralized settlement.

Those who provide their services to secure decentralized settlement will receive half of the fees that are typically reserved exclusively for exchanges.

You can be one of them.

TXA’s newtwork is comprised of Settlement Data Providers (SDPs) to listen to and propagate all trades happening on participant exchanges.

They maintain a register of each trade and and obligations between users.

Settlement is entirely P2P and neither the exchanges nor Project TXA touch the assets at any point.

Anyone can become a Settlement Data Provider operator and validate trading data.

They earn fees from each validated trade.

No shady tokeconomics involved.

Protect TXA has been building through two bear cycles and we aren’t going anywhere. We are very close to alpha and have considerable support from partners and the community alike.

Want to be one of the first few to change the way assets are traded and settled?

NFT Royalties

😠 LooksRare Irks NFT Creators by Dropping Mandatory Royalty Fees

LooksRare Offers to Share Quarter of Staking Fees With Creators

By Owen Fernau  

FEES LooksRare, an NFT marketplace that made a big splash in its debut earlier this year, has dropped the mandatory royalty fees it previously charged to token buyers, the company said Thursday. That could be bad news for NFT creators who depend on royalty income. 


NFT Roundup

🧳 RTFKT’s ‘Phygital’ Luggage Flies Off The Shelf

Suitcases and Art Blocks’ Friendship Bracelets Hit NFT Market in Busy Week

By yyctrader

LUGGAGE RTFKT, the Nike-backed NFT studio behind the popular CloneX avatars, dropped a new collection on Oct. 27 in collaboration with luxury luggage manufacturer Rimowa.

TRADING The collection has seen heavy trading with over 1,125 ETH ($1.7M) of volume on OpenSea alone, pushing it to the top of the marketplace’s 24-hour leaderboard.


Crypto Regulation

🇭🇰 Hong Kong Poised to Regulate Crypto Trading: Report

Details of New Regime May Emerge at Fintech Confab

By Samuel Haig

WEB3 Hong Kong is planning to regulate retail crypto trading in 2023 in a bid to reboot the city’s web3 sector, according to an Oct. 27 report from Bloomberg News.


Crypto Cloud

☁️ Google Ramps Up Web3 Strategy With Node Management Offering

Search Giant’s Cloud Unit Launches Service for Web3 Devs

By Samuel Haig

COMMITMENT In a move that intensifies its commitment to web3, Google’s cloud division is launching node management services for Ethereum validators on Oct. 28, the company said.


Defiant Video

📺 Daily Defiant: Did Multichain Use Millions in User Funds Without Permission?

Podcast Video

📺🎙 100% of DeFi Could Become Illegal


🔗 Binance confirmed as investor in Twitter takeover, as Musk reportedly plans to take reins as CEO: The Block

Crypto exchange operator Binance is now a confirmed equity investor in Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

🔗 Aptos Token Rebounds After Upstart Blockchain’s Dismal Debut: CoinDesk

Layer 1 blockchain Aptos’ token has enjoyed a powerful rally following last week’s inauspicious start, rebounding nearly to the price where it originally went live.

Trending in The Defiant

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