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😲 Crypto Lender BlockFi Suspends Withdrawals 

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FTX Crisis
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FTX Crisis: Contagion

😲 Crypto Lender BlockFi Suspends Withdrawals 

Platform Cites Exposure to FTX

By Owen Fernau

WITHDRAWALS BlockFi, a centralized crypto lender which pays users a return on deposits of digital assets, has paused withdrawals on its platform. 


FTX Crisis: Regulators

🥶 Bahamas Securities Commission to Freeze and Liquidate FTX Assets

Beleaguered Exchange Allegedly Used Customer Funds to Bail Out Sister Concern

By Samuel Haig

FREEZE The Bahamas Securities Commission has stepped in to freeze the assets of FTX Digital Markets (FDM), Sam Bankman-Fried’s failing crypto exchange, in the latest blow to the once-mighty platform.


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FTX Crisis: Withdrawals

🇧🇸 FTX Withdrawals Resume But Only for Bahamas-Based Accounts

Tron Providing Support to FTX Users with Tron Tokens Trapped on Platform

By Samuel Haig

TRICKLING Withdrawals are once again trickling out of FTX, but only for certain customers, according to Zane Tackett, FTX’s ex-head of institutional sales. The mammoth crypto derivatives exchange, which poleaxed the market this week after suffering a crisis of confidence, is processing withdrawals solely for Bahamian accounts, Tackett said on Twitter


FTX Crisis: SBF

🤷🏻‍♂️ SBF Surfaces With Apology and Details on FTX’s Condition

Embattled Crypto Head to Close Alameda; confirms $5B in Withdrawals on Sunday

By Aleksandar Gilbert

APOLOGY Breaking his silence during a two-day period when the crypto market erased $131B in value, Sam Bankman-Fried finally offered up a mea culpa for the damage wrought by the murky practices at his exchange FTX, and the hedge fund he controls, Alameda Research. 


FTX Crisis: Stablecoins

👀 Tether Freezes $47M USDT Stake Held by FTX

Stablecoin Recovers Parity After Slipping Peg

By Tarang Khaitan

STABLECOIN Tether, the issuer behind the No. 1 U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin, USDT, froze almost $47M worth of USDT held by FTX exchange on the Tron blockchain. Block explorer Tronscan has traced the address with  frozen assets to FTX.


Market Action

📈 Investors Bargain Hunt as Inflation Report Spurs Market Rally

Investors Bet Fed May Ease Off Rate Increases

By: Aleksandar Gilbert

COOLING Well that’s a relief. The crypto market rallied on Thursday after the U.S. government released data that shows inflation cooled in October to its lowest level since January. 


Ethereum Wallets

🦊 MetaMask Launches Integrated Bridge Feature

Users Can Bridge Up To $10,000 Across Blockchains

By Tarang Khaitan

BRIDGES MetaMask, the leading web3 wallet provider, has released MetaMask Bridges, a bridge aggregation service. This feature allows users to transfer their assets across multiple blockchains from within the wallet.



MIDAS is an internal token of Midas.Investments — a custodial staking platform that offers market-leading yields on an array of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and USDC. Unlike other industry players, Midas has been exceptionally successful in weathering the crypto winter, avoiding liquidity issues while its native token reaches new ATH

After the announcement of the upcoming swap to Ethereum last week, the MIDAS token has hit a new ATH of $43.65. Currently, there are more than $70 million staked in MIDAS tokens on the platform by more than 6,000 users. Stake MIDAS with 22.2% APY.

The Tube

📺 Daily Defiant: Can SBF make a comeback?

Podcast Video

🎙📺 Robinhood is coming after MetaMask with Polygon Web3 Wallets

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MicroStrategy (MSTR) Executive Chairman Michael Saylor told CNBC he’s not straying from his strategy of buying and holding bitcoin (BTC) despite the crypto’s plunge to a new two-year low this week.

🔗 Coinbase Lays Off Over 60 Employees Amid Crypto Market Turmoil: Decrypt

Coinbase is laying off more than 60 staff in its recruiting and institutional onboarding departments, The Information reported Thursday. 

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