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📉 USDC Market Cap Slides By $10B Since Tornado Cash Bans

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📉 USDC Market Cap Slides By $10B Since Tornado Cash Bans

Investor Interest in USDC Wanes as Competing Stablecoins Gain Market Share

By Tarang Khaitan

LOSING SHARE Centre Consortium’s USDC, crypto’s second-largest stablecoin by market capitalization, is steadily losing market share. The circulating supply of USDC has fallen by almost 20% from $53.6B on Aug. 8 to $43.2B on Oct. 27. Meanwhile, other leading stablecoins like Tether’s USDT and Binance’s BUSD expanded by $1.82B and $3.41B respectively.


Market Action

💦 FTX Sees Spike In Liquidations Amid Market Surge

Coinglass Data Shows $1.2B Of Liquidations in the Past 48 Hours

By Owen Fernau

LIQUIDATIONS FTX, one of crypto’s largest exchanges processing over $10B in daily trading volume, is potentially having a record week in terms of liquidations. The exchange has liquidated $1.21B of positions in the past two days, according to data from Coinglass. Of that, $677M was related to Bitcoin positions with another $470M related to Ether. 


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$1.5 BILLION were stolen from cross-chain bridges in 2022.

It’s obvious that the crypto industry needs to create a more secure way to make cross-chain trades.

Project TXA will allow ANY EXCHANGE to do cross-chain trading WITHOUT bridging assets while still having decentralized settlement.

Those who provide their services to secure decentralized settlement will receive half of the fees that are typically reserved exclusively for exchanges.

You can be one of them.

TXA’s newtwork is comprised of Settlement Data Providers (SDPs) to listen to and propagate all trades happening on participant exchanges.

They maintain a register of each trade and and obligations between users.

Settlement is entirely P2P and neither the exchanges nor Project TXA touch the assets at any point.

Anyone can become a Settlement Data Provider operator and validate trading data.

They earn fees from each validated trade.

No shady tokeconomics involved.

Protect TXA has been building through two bear cycles and we aren’t going anywhere. We are very close to alpha and have considerable support from partners and the community alike.

Want to be one of the first few to change the way assets are traded and settled?

Exchange Stablecoins

👀 FTX Prepares Stablecoin For Launch: Report

FTX Follows Binance With Move to Release its Own Pegged Token

By Aleksandar Gilbert

LAUNCH An FTX stablecoin is in the works and may launch in the “not too distant future,” CEO Sam Bankman-Fried told European crypto publication The Big Whale in a recent interview.


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DeFi Explainers

What Is Phantom?

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Digital Wallet for Solana

By Rahul Nambiampurath

WALLET Phantom is the main digital wallet for the Solana blockchain. An Ethereum rival, Solana offers faster transaction speeds and more affordable transfer fees. 



🔗 Meta’s metaverse losses top $9.4 billion for the year: The Block

Facebook owner Meta reported that its metaverse division Reality Labs posted a $3.7 billion loss in the third quarter of this year.

🔗 Eric Wall and Udi Wertheimer on Why Bitcoin Maximalism Is ‘Like a Shitcoin Community’: Unchained

Eric Wall, crypto blogger and investor, and Udi Wertheimer, a recovering Bitcoin maxi, discuss everything about Bitcoin Maximalism, whether BTC can survive, and whether Ethereum constitutes a threat for Bitcoin.

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