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🏛 U.S. Permits Tornado Cash Users to Access Crypto Deposits

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🎙 Listen to the exclusive interview with Stani Kulechov in this week’s podcast

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Crypto Regulation

🏛 U.S. Permits Tornado Cash Users to Access Crypto Deposits

Authorities Say Users Need License to Retrieve Funds From Sanctioned Mixer

By Samuel Haig  

LICENSE U.S. residents with crypto trapped on Tornado Cash may now apply for a license from the U.S. Treasury Department to retrieve their funds.


Market Action

😫 Macro Trumps The Merge As Crypto Dives After Hot Inflation Data

Stocks Had Their Worst Day Since June 2020

By Aleksandar Gilbert

TUMBLING Worse-than-expected U.S. inflation numbers sent global markets tumbling Tuesday despite mounting excitement over the Merge, the most significant upgrade to Ethereum in its seven-year history.


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Trailing Stop now available to MakerDAO and Liquity users

Fans of Maker and Liquity protocols can now rely on the advanced trailing stop strategy for managing their DeFi positions using DeFi Saver, an all-in-one dashboard for sophisticated DeFi management. 

A trailing stop is a dynamic type strategy that allows users to configure a percentage drop from peak market value that would trigger the full closing of a position once reached. While with a standard Stop loss, a position would get closed at a fixed price, a Trailing stop actively follows any upward market movements by the set percentage, instead continuously increasing the stop price.

The new strategy is another in the series of automated trading strategies introduced to MakerDAO and Liquity by DeFi Saver, following Stop loss and Take Profit. Setting up is straightforward. Existing Maker and Liquity users need to visit DeFi Saver and switch to the Automate tab in the dedicated protocol dashboard. Users just need to input the percentage that they want the stop price to be below the reached market peak and to select the asset to which they want their position to be closed (e.g. collateral asset or debt asset).

A trailing stop is a great method to reduce losses or lock in profits. For example, when one is using these lending protocols to go long on ETH. It’s recommended to combine a trailing stop with a standard stop loss to further minimize potential losses in case of a market downturn. Users can find both of these options available in the dedicated protocol dashboards within the DeFi Saver app.

Check out the new Trailing Stop automation for Maker and Liquity by DeFi Saver.

NFT Fundraising

💰 Doodles NFT Project Raises $54M At $704M Valuation

Funding Round Led By Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six

By Owen Fernau

POPULAR After over a month of silence on Twitter, Doodles are back with a bang. The popular NFT project announced a $54M raise on Sep. 13 that values Doodles at an eye-popping $704M. Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, led the funding round through his venture firm Seven Seven Six, according to Forbes.


Defiant Video

📺 Tutorial: Stake Your ETH After The Merge


🔗 S. Korean Court Issues Arrest Warrant Against Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon: CoinDesk

A South Korean court has issued an arrest warrant against Do Kwon, the co-founder of the now defunct stablecoin issuer Terraform Labs, according to the Financial Crimes Unit of the Supreme Prosecutors Office.

🔗 ‘WAGMI’ Is Dead: Pplpleasr, UnicornDAO, TIME President Weigh in on NFTs: Decrypt

Are we all gonna make it? Probably not—and some Web3 proponents don’t even want people using the term “NFTs” anymore. 

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