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🏛 SEC Probing Yuga Labs’ Issuance of NFTs and Token: Report

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🎙️Wintermute’s David Micley Says Institutional Investors Are Here To Stay

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Crypto Crackdown

🏛 SEC Probing Yuga Labs’ Issuance of NFTs and Token: Report

Regulators Reportedly Examining Bored Ape Studio as Crackdown Intensifies

By Owen Fernau

INVESTIGATED Yuga Labs Inc., the NFT juggernaut behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club and other splashy collections, is being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.


Ethereum Staking

⚡️ France’s State Energy Giant Loves Ethereum

PoS Meets ESG as Utility Embraces Minimal Carbon Footprint

By Samuel Haig

SURPRISE In a surprising development given government skepticism toward cryptocurrencies, Electricite de France, the French state-owned energy supplier, is operating  more than 150 Ethereum nodes, according to a report from The Big Whale, a web3 news outlet.


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Power-up your Compound III experience with DeFi Saver

DeFi Saver is an all-in-one dashboard for creating, managing and tracking your positions with automatic liquidation protection and leverage management options for only the most trusted DeFi protocols.

Recently Compound introduced their much-anticipated version 3 of the famous protocol. DeFi Saver empowers the latest version’s experience with the most complete feature set to date.

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There is also the all *new* Notifications feature with prompt notifications about position ratio changes and executed automated transactions delivered straight to your email or Telegram.

Get the most out of your Compound v3 experience with DeFi Saver. 

DAO Governance

🗳 Curve DAO Votes To Enable Permissionless Rewards

Projects Can Now Freely Add Native Token Rewards To Existing Gauges

By Owen Fernau

NEWS Curve Finance, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is DeFi’s third-largest protocol with $6B locked in its smart contracts, has concluded a governance vote to allow any project to add token rewards to its factory-deployed gauges.


Defiant Video

📺 Quick Take: Shocking SushiSwap CEO Horse & Fraud Allegations

Podcast Video

🎙📺 Institutions Still Lining Up to Trade Crypto During the Bear


Anthony Hopkins The Eternal NFT Collection

Orange Comet is proud to announce its distinguished partnership with Sir Anthony Hopkins and the launch of his first NFT series, The Eternal Collection

The NFT series will feature an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime IRL event for collectors, giving them access to engage with one of Hollywood’s greatest icons.

DeFi Explainers

🤔 What Is a DAO?

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Cooperative Entities at the Heart of DeFi

By Rahul Nambiampurath

QUESTIONS Since the dawn of commerce, business leaders have been coping with the problem of governance. Who has the right to run a company, and under what conditions? How much influence should shareholders have over a company’s strategic direction? Or for that matter, customers? And what role should boards of directors have in making sure companies operate in ethical and productive ways? 



🔗 Bitcoin Lightning Network Misses Block After Enormous Multi-Sig Transaction: Decrypt

Lightning Network‘s experimental nature, a layer-2 network built on top of Bitcoin that allows for faster, low-fee transactions, is one of the reasons developers have warned users not to risk large amounts when sending and receiving funds.

🔗 Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet: The Next Chapter for Ethereum: Polygon

Ever since we first unveiled Polygon, we have been constantly inspired by Ethereum and its values.

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